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The features and amenities of a place define the comfort and convenience to the homeowners. Since it is the first project by Green Roof Corp, it has taken ample care to ensure that good amenities and facilities are provided. As a residential community, the most important thing to look out is security and safety of the residents. In order to prevent any unauthorized entry and take care of the security of the residents in the campus, there is 24 x 7 security service. A strong security service is very important for overall well-being of the occupants.

Apart from this, the residential project is aimed at a total well-being of the people and hence lifestyle balance and motivation towards active and fit lifestyle is important. It has basketball court along with parks and playground which ensure that people are involved in some physical activity and remain healthy. There is a multi-purpose hall also which can be used for organizing certain functions or events within the premises.

Apart from the recreational facilities, there are many building features which make it very convenient. It is a centralized water supply through which every house or unit receives water. The houses are completely fixed with plumbing service and have a proper sanitary line. There is concrete step present on the steel frame that is present for protection with railings. There are an overhead septic tank and other features specific to each house like roof gutter, downspout and catch basin. There is provision for garbage collection and a very well maintained garbage system. 


  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • 24. Hrs Security 
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Basketball court
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